Colors of the Wind

What the same color means to different countries around the world.

 Cady Cordle, Entertainment Editor

  Colors can be seen by many people, in many different ways, and have many different meanings. Some people may associate blue with sadness while others can associate blue with a joyful happy time. This relates to different countries and religions as well. There is no one correct symbolic meaning to any specific color.


 In the United States red symbolizes energy, danger, and love. The aspect of danger is commonly associated with fire and blood, however, we commonly associate love to symbolize passion and hearts. In China, they associate red with happiness and long life. While Eastern countries have red associated with good fortune; in Eastern countries brides will wear red on their wedding day for good luck.   frenchie

  Commonly associated with feminism and a nurturing nature, pink has a very similar symbolic meaning across the globe. In Thailand, pink is commonly worn as for the symbolic color of Tuesday. Although in the United States pink is commonly associated with girls, in Belgium it was traditionally used for a baby boy.

orange    Orange in western countries is generally associated with inexpensive or affordable items, although, in the Netherlands, orange is worn by the Dutch Royal family. Similarly, Hindus hold orange as a very sacred color that is considered auspicious. In Eastern countries, such as Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon, orange is associated with spirituality and general happiness.  

blue moon

  Blue seems to be the safest color to use and wear worldwide. While most commonly known in The United States, Iran, Mexico, and Korea to be a color of mourning, sadness, and depression, blue is associated with immortality and protection in the Middle East, Egypt, and China.


  White is generally worn at weddings by a bride to symbolize purity and cleanliness. This is the case in Western Countries, Korea, and the Middle East. While in China, India, and Japan white has a completely different meaning. In these countries white is a symbol of death and unhappiness.

The complete differentiation that one color can have to so many different places is astonishing. We live in one world, but the way we see things can be completely different. Where we live, how we live, and the paths we take can significantly affect how we see these colors and the way they affect us.  


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