Always be prepared

  How to keep you and your family safe during a hurricane

By Cady Cordle, Entertainment Editor

   Natural disasters can happen at any moment, and we never truly know the impact they will bring until they hit. With hurricanes Ophelia and Nate impending, it’s a smart idea to sit your family down and make a plan for what to do if a hurricane is coming near you.


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   Always have a plan with your family or loved ones about where to go if a hurricane watch is presented or if an evacuation is called. Your local emergency agency should have all routes and information about


   Putting together a bag that is packed with extra clothes and toiletries is highly recommended. If an evacuation is called and you have to leave Image result for toiletry bag hurricane

immediately it is helpful to have everything ready to just grab and go. Also, in a state of panic, it is easier to forget things, so having packed everything before hand there is a less likely chance to forget something. If your area is not forced to evacuate, but is still expected to feel the effects of a hurricane make sure you have plenty of food and water in your home.

  Have flashlights and extra batteries in the house in case the power gets knocked out and have plenty of blankets to keep warm.

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  It’s also recommended to have some cards, board games, or other indoor activity, on hand in case you are stuck inside for a long period of time.

  It is not only important to prepare you and your loved ones for a hurricane, it is also important to prepare your home and surroundings.

  With heavy winds that can range anywhere from 70 to 196 mph,  trees and loose limbs are more inclined to fall. Make sure to cut down any dead trees or limbs before the storm to keep your home and family safer.

      Lastly, purchase a portable generator, or get a permanent generator installed, for when you have power outages. There is no way of knowing when your power will go out or how long it will stay out. Having a generator will help not only during a hurricane, but also in other instances when your power shuts off and you need an alternative power source.

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   Remember, during any natural disaster the best thing to do is stay calm and not panic. Hope for the best, but be prepared for the worst.

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