Don’t Play in the Rain: A review on Stephen King’s “IT”

By: Paige Lake, feature editor

   Are scary movies your thing? IT, based on Stephen King’s’ bestselling book, and a remake of the original film from 1960, is the movie for you.

   The movie focuses on the life of the characters from the original movie as kids. In the fictional  small town of Derry, Maine, Bill and his 3 friends, Richie, Eddie, and Stanley, have just gotten out for summer break. The friends meet up with Ben, the new boy in town, and Beverly, the girl everyone is talking about. Later, the six are joined by Mike, a hard worker who wanted some freedom. After Bill’s brother, Georgie, had mysteriously disappeared a few years back, the gang has been on the hunt for any clues to finding

IT reviewhim. Throughout the film, the characters are troubled by disturbing daydreams and the struggle of working together as a team.  At the climax of the movie, the six find out where Pennywise, the dancing clown who captures children, has been hiding for many years. After they uncover Pennywise’s secret, everything changes for this crew of kids.

This movie is filled with jump scares, intense scenes, and crazy plot twists. At the beginning of the movie, Bill’s younger brother Georgie was playing outside on a rainy day. His boat gets caught in the current and falls down a sewer drain. When he goes to look for it, Pennywise, the clown, pops his red head up and whispers creepily.

   IT is also filled with lots of humor. The six kids are all in middle school or high school, ages ranging from seventh to ninth grade. The director of the film, Andy Muschietti, had the boys make punch lines that younger kids say in real life, such as “that’s what she said,” or, “I know you are, but what am I?”

IT review kids

    Muschetti followed the book and original movie splendidly, doing an incredible job at incorporating humor of the characters and the backstory behind all the missing children. The actors also portrayed their parts perfectly. The casting director made great choices when choosing the actors.

 If you’re brave, I recommend giving IT a try.



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