Top five summer jobs

Where you should be working this summer
By: Hailey Clevenger, Feature Editor

  1. Lifeguarding.
    Saving lives, Barksdale lifeguards > Barksdale Air Force Base ...
    Being able to sit out by the pool everyday and get a good tan is not too bad of a summer job. There are many pools just in Mechanicsville that you could work at: Mechanicsville Pool, Old Church Pool, Burkwood, Pebble Creek, etc.
  2. Nannying.

    Usually you will get paid $8-10 a hour (without being taxed!), and you just get to hang out with kids all day — which isn’t too bad of a job. All you need to do is find a family with young children who live near you, and I’m sure the family would love the help.
  3. A host/hostess or waiter/waitress at a restaurant.
    Free photo: Abendbrot, Restaurant, Salad, Eat - Free Image on ...
    You can’t deny a job if you make good tips. There are endless amounts of chain restaurants here in Mechanicsville; just walk in and ask for an application.
  4. Kings Dominion.

    If you work at Kings Dominion, you get lots of hours — that means bigger and better paychecks.
  5. Cutting grass.

    You will never be out of a job, because everyone needs their grass cut!

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