Seven Summer Suggestions

Seven things that you should totally do this summer

By: Sara Gaston, Staff Writer

  1. Go paddleboarding on the James. 

    Go to Brown’s Island and rent out a paddle board for the day. Not only is it extremely entertaining to see everyone fall off the board twenty times, but it also gives the opportunity to explore.


  2. Go to an Escape Room.

    escape room rva

    Yes, it is a bit costly, but it is such an adventure it won’t even be that big of a deal.

  3. Try every restaurant in Carytown. 
    galaxy diner.jpg

    There are so many hipster and original places to eat in Carytown, so why wouldn’t someone want to try something new? After all, most of the restaurants there aren’t chains. Here’s a list of Carytown Restaurants, if you like to plan where you eat, instead of just winging it! 

  4. Go hiking.

    Go to the mountains and take a hike, Mechanicsville is entirely too close to some beautiful views to not at least try to take an adventure. Here’s the site to help you find a hiking trail or place for you.

  5. Go pet dogs (and cats)!


    Richmond BizSense

    The SPCA is always looking for some help, it wouldn’t hurt (unless you have an allergy, of course) to spend some of your free time to pet and take care of dogs! There’s also the cat rooms where you can just relax, pet, and play with cats. 

  6. Get a Job


    Be real, it’s going to be boring sitting around all day. Making money during the summer would definitely be beneficial.

  7. Get really tan.
    va beach.jpg

    Visit Virginia Beach

    Go outside and enjoy the warm weather, whether it’s in your backyard or on the beach. Plus, everyone looks good tan! 


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