Kylie’s Kits: A Review

A review of two Kylie Cosmetics’ lip kits by Sara Gaston, Staff Writer

  A new look every once in a while is needed, and switching it up never hurts anyone. Lipsticks are not my thing, but it wouldn’t hurt anyone to try something new! So, I hesitantly bought two liquid matte lip kits from Kylie Cosmetics. The shades I chose were Leo (a dark red) and Ginger (a burnt orange).  Each lip kit includes a liquid lipstick and a liner of the shade chosen and retail for $29.00, plus shipping.

Image result for kylie cosmetics leo

Leo lip kit, swatched. Source: kyliecosmetics

Starting with Leo, the lip liner was really nice. It wasn’t as dark as the lipstick, but it still had some color. It was comfortable to wear and it was hard to tell it was even there. But, when the liquid lipstick was put on and started drying it was a whole new situation. At first it looked okay, and then it got really dry and my lips cracked. It wasn’t a big deal to me, but it was very, very noticeable. When I went to take it off, it was just about super glued onto my face, and that was the easy part of taking it off! It dyed the space around my lips a dark red that I couldn’t remove without three baby wipes and then having to wash my face twice. Honestly, it ruined all liquid matte lipsticks for me.



Image result for kylie cosmetics ginger

Ginger lip kit, swatched. Source: kyliecosmetics

Ginger was second, and that was not as bold as Leo, so I wasn’t as nervous to use it. The lip pencil kept breaking, which was so annoying, but in the end it did end up doing its job. It still made my lips crack and get really dry, but it was not as noticeable as Leo. I decided to keep on Ginger for the whole day, but when I had to reapply it was a nightmare. Layers upon layer of lipstick kept being added until it seemed like a thick paste. Let’s just say that it was not easy speaking that day.

  All in all, it wasn’t as great as I was hoping for. I love the Kardashian/Jenner family with all my heart, but I will never buy another matte lip kit from Kylie Cosmetics, I would rather save my 60 dollars.


Header image originally from: Racked
Photo Illustration by: Samantha Lett, Online Editor

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