Springing into fashion!

Spring-like fashions for this upcoming season.
By: Catie Deal, Editor-In-Chief

Spring is coming quickly and it’s very exciting; sunshine, Easter baskets, and allergy season are only the highlights. Now is the time to stock up on this years essential pieces.  Shades of blush, block heels, mega earrings, and stripes galore swept the runway and are sure to be your go-to’s spring through summer.  Overall, these trends are very easy to pull off and don’t require you to spend tons of money to update your wardrobe.  Happy Spring!

Blush is the perfect neutral for spring.  It’s an easy transition from the dark hues of winter to the warm shades of summer.  It pairs easily with most colors and isn’t overwhelmingly pink for those who aren’t big fans of the color.  Blush shoes, dresses, tops, and accessories are all fair game, below are some ideal blush pieces.


fashion friday blush

Forever21’s flare dress


Flare Dress (under $20!), Cami Top, Bauble Necklace

Heels aren’t for everyone but block heels are out to change that.  The low heel ensures that tall people don’t feel super out of place but gives you enough lift to give you the feeling of power that a heel provides.  Block heels come in all colors and look flattering with jeans, dresses, and capris.  They also can be easily dressed up or down, so they’re appropriate for a fancy event while also being appropriate for a casual lunch date.  Below are some flirty block heels.

Block heels (they come in blush!), Yellow B

lock Heels,


Attention grabbing earrings are the perfect accessory to top of any outfit.  They’re flirty and scream spring/summer.  If you don’t already have a pair of fun, big, dangly earrings, then now is the time to grab a pair!  Check out my top picks below!

Hoop Drop Earrings,  Beaded Earrings (more minimal and come in LOTS of colors!), Druzy Earrings



Original header photo: http://onthegolinens.com/media/catalog/large/faux-silk/blush-pink.jpg



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