Advice from Juniors to Sophomores

Ten tips to help you prepare for and get through the dreaded junior year.
By: Kayla Duff and Matt Livesay, Staff Writers

  1. Study for tests and quizzes in advance, so you don’t have a whole unit and packet of notes to study the night before (which is very overwhelming)
  2. Stay organized. Having a certain spot for all of your notes, classwork, and assignments makes things easier on you when doing homework or trying to study.
  3. Actually pay attention in class, instead of zoning out or sleeping.
  4. Take good notes that help you. Anything in bold or repeated is important.
  5. Focus on school, but also do things outside of school too, like seeing friends. You don’t want school to take up your whole life.
  6. Get involved in clubs, they sometimes give you a break from school.
  7. For partner projects, pick someone who will actually contribute, instead of your best friend. The project shouldn’t just fall on you.
  8. Set goals. It makes things easier to get done, and provides a sense of relief when a goal is accomplished.
  9. Take care of yourself! If you need a tutor or extra help, get some! It doesn’t make you “dumb”.
  10. Get your license as soon as you can. It makes meetings easier, and gives you a sense of relief and happiness!


What tips do you want to hear from our staff members? Let us know on twitter @LDHSPublication or via e-mail at!

Original Header Image from Pinterest
Illustrated/Edited by: Samantha Lett, Online Editor

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