Six reasons why Donald Glover is the GOAT right now

GOAT = Greatest of All Time = Donald Glover
By: Kylee Dotson, Photo Editor

  1. Community. Glover was Troy on Community and was the highlight of the show.
  2. Camp. Gambino break out album is a gift.
  3. Because of the internet. Sophmore album that brought us 3005 and sweatpants.

  4. Awaken my Love. A new side of Gambino is show as he sings Redbone.
  5. Atlanta. Glover is back at it again on tv by writing and producing his own show on FX
  6. His stand up. Glover is funny and witty in his stand up guaranteed to get at least a chuckle from anyone.

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Header image originally by:
Illustration/editing by: Samantha Lett, Online Editor

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