Trivia Time!

Answers to the Southerner’s back page trivia task
By: Justine Walton, Managing Editor

1 – Mr. Stevens taught at Lee-Davis prior to becoming principal, what class did he teach?

             A. Mass Communications

2 – 1975-1976 was the nation’s 200th anniversary, what did Lee-Davis DECA sell in order to commemorate the event?

             A. Bicentennial Mugs

3 – What year was the first year Lee-Davis had an alternate block schedule?

              A. 1992-1993

4 – 2009 was Lee-Davis’ 50th anniversary! At the Tomato Bowl on Sept. 19, 2009, who delivered the game ball?

             A. A parachute jumper

5 – Which former students hold the record for the 3200 Meter run?

           A. Roger James and Stephanie Cario

6 – Jason Mraz graduated from Lee-Davis in 1995 and was voted Most Musical for senior superlatives. Who was his chorus teacher?

           A. Mr. Jay Beville

7 – When was the the first edition of the Southerner released?

           A. November of 1958

We hope you had fun playing trivia with us! If you want to suggest any more fun activities for the back page, please contact us at @LDHSPublication on twitter, or via email. Or, write a letter to the editor and deliver it to room W5. Thanks for playing!


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