No Bae for Valentine’s Day?

Ten things to do if you’re single this Valentine’s Day
By: Sara Gaston, Staff Writer

  1. Buy as many valentine’s day chocolate boxes you can and give them all to yourself. 1-eating-chocolate
    Not only are you showing self love, but you’re also getting chocolate. So it’s really a win-win situation

  2. Write yourself a really cute card saying how awesome you are! number-two-cardAgain, show some self love! Just because everyone else can’t see how awesome you are doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be reminded.

  3. Cuddle up with your pets.3-pets
    Pets will always love you, no matter what. Plus they can’t talk, so it makes the relationship so much easier.

  4. Watch Titanic! titanic-4Just in case you want to remind yourself that love never last anyways, so who needs a bf/gf? (oh, and spoiler-SHE LETS GO)

  5. Remember than Jelena broke up. 5-jelena
    Again, just to remind yourself that even the most amazing couples and people don’t always find love either.

  6. Listen to Beyonce and Adele. 6-beyonceTo remind yourself that love leads to heartbreak anyways, and who has time for that?

  7. Send yourself flowers. 7-flowersThis not only tricks people into thinking you have a significant other, but they also make you feel very good about yourself.

  8. Spoil yourself! 8-buy-urself-stuffGo out and buy yourself a nice outfit, a good meal, and enjoy being single! You don’t have to worry about spending money on anyone else but yourself.

  9. Spend time with other lonely people. 9-lonely-peopleYou are not the only one without love, so you’re bound to find someone else also alone and willing to have fun with you on this dreary holiday.

  10. Give valentines to your friends and family. 10-family-timeRemember that you are loved! With or without a significant other there is someone out there who loves you and that you love. Make sure you show appreciation to all your loved ones.

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