Diversity Bingo — for books!
By: Rebecca Lovato, Adviser

One of the biggest reading goals avid readers undertake is to “read more diversely.” This can mean a variety of different things, such as reading a wide variety of styles and types, reading from authors outside of the U.S. or outside of comfort zones, or reading authors and stories of people different from yourself.

Inspired by a diversity conversation that happened last year in the book community, a handful of book bloggers and booktubers created Diversity Bingo, an epic reading challenge with 36 squares of diverse reading.


The Diversity Bingo Card

If your goal is to read more diversely, or even if you just want to try something new, check out the squares for inspiration. If you’d like to participate, whether it’s for all 36 challenges or even just one, be sure to use #DiversityBingo2017 on twitter to keep up with the conversation.

Check out the challenges and some recommendations below, and if you have any more recommendations, please leave them in the comments!

Romance with a Trans MC

Non-Binary MC, own voices

SFF with Disabled MC

Practicing Jewish MC

Indian MC, own voices

Displaced MC

MC with under-represented body

Neuro-diverse MC, own voices

Retelling with MC LGBTQIA+

Bisexual MC, own voices

MC with an invisible disability

MC with anaphylactic allergy

MC of color in SFF

Latinx MC, own voices

Free Choice Non-Western (Real World) Setting

Own Voices

MC with chronic pain

West Asian Setting

Arab MC, own voices

MC with wheelchair

Book by an Author of Color

Biracial MC, own voices

Pansexual MC, own voices

Black MC, own voices

MC on Ace Spectrum, own voices

LGBTQIA+ MC of Color

Visually Impaired MC

Set in Central America

Contemporary World Arranged Marriage

Indigenous MC, own voices

Diverse Non-fiction

POC on the cover

d/Deaf/Hard of Hearing MC

Immigrant or Refugee MC

Hijabi MC, own voices

MC: main character
Own voices: the author identifies with the portrayed diversity; i.e, a LGBTQIA MC with own voices is written by an author who identifies as LGBTQIA.
POC: person of color
SFF: Sci-Fi/Fantasy

header photo from: http://www.crazyredpen.com/2014/06/diversity-list-of-books-by-23-asian.html

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