Stories from some senior… #3

   Making people happy has always been a mission of his.  In a world full of negativity and hatred, spreading a little happiness around can be a very valuable thing.  But he puts so much pressure on himself to make sure everyone else is in good spirits, his own happiness can quickly get pushed aside.

   For him, school feels like a competition, as well as having a social life and trying to be with the right crowds.  Choosing between friend groups and having to carry the pressure he puts on himself in school, as well as keeping good relationships with everyone can be extremely stressful.  Especially when he fails.

   “I feel like sometimes I try too hard to make other people happy and it does hurt me.  Overall it’s an okay thing, but it can definitely hinder aspects of my own life.  I just need to find what makes me happy and just do it, instead of being concerned and trying to please people all the time.

   “I have had a history with stress and sometimes I can get so stressed that I’ll make myself sick.  But I’ve learned to cope with certain things.  When I get stressed I try to think about what I can do at this very moment to help it and if I can’t do anything to solve the problem then there is no real reason to be stressed about it.”

   He is his own worst critic.  Even though he tries to keep up the humorous act to bring happiness to others, he remains self-conscious about coming off as annoying.  

   “Since I’m already self-conscious about it, when people comment on it, it really shuts me down because that is the exact opposite of what I’m always trying to do.”

   In middle school he was bullied by people that constantly judged him.  People would falsely call him “gay” or make fun of him.  So today, the stereotypes that society sets are also something he is self-conscious about.

   “I’ve had plenty of moments where my life has not been pleasant, but I try to stay positive in most situations.  I’ve used religion to help me in achieving my goals and to do it in a correct manner.  I try to practice my religion (Christianity) regularly.  Some people will judge or comment, but I think it’s really positive and it helps me cope with certain things like stress and just problems in general.

   “I think overall I’m a pretty good person, but there is definitely room for improvement; I’m just working on me, everyday.”


*If you are a senior and would like to share your story, contact Justine Walton (


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