7 things you need to know about what is happening in Aleppo

By: Hailey Clevenger, Feature Editor

  1. Aleppo is a city located in Syria which is in the Middle East. Since 2011, there has been a civil war in Syria but it didn’t reach the city of Aleppo until 2012. The war is being fought between the people who support the corrupt President, Bashar al-Assad regime and the rebels who are trying to get Assad out of the government and presidency.
  2. Russia is supporting the Syrian government as they “fight ISIS” and is a huge ally of Assad. This has caused both Russian and Syrian warplanes to destruct the Syrian city and cause a large amount of death. This has also caused issues between relations between the United States and Russia making it difficult for the United States to help the rebels.
  3. Pro-government fighters in Syria have been executing innocent civilian men, women, and children. At least half a million people have been killed since the civil war started.
  4. Western nations are wanting the UN to hold people accountable for what is happening but both Russia and China vetoed a resolution effort by the UN.
  5. The Syrian government has taken back areas of Aleppo that were previously controlled by Rebels and now Rebels only have control of a couple districts in eastern Aleppo.
  6. There are very few if any, doctors and medical buildings left in the city to care for innocent civilians who have been injured.
    Image result for aleppo
  7. It is hard for the United States to intervene without flying into Russian airspace. This could cause huge problems between two of the nuclear superpowers in the world.
Header Image: https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201607291043741993-aleppo-liberation-war-end/
Other Images: http://indianexpress.com/article/world/rebel-officials-say-aleppo-evacuation-plan-back-on-track-4427767/

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