Bingeworthy: One Tree Hill

By: Hailey Carter, Public Relations Editor

   Throughout the nine seasons of One Tree Hill, a story of some high-school students who live in the small, but not uneventful town of Tree Hill North Carolina. The source of town pride stems from the Tree Hill High School’s basketball team the Ravens, the show captures fans hearts and shocks them all within the same episode. The story follows main characters and their journey from high school and ends with their adult lives.

  This series offers a plethora of crazy situations with a ton of surprises. It also offers an enormous amount of adult themes such as sex and pregnancy, abandonment and neglect, murder and death, as well as stalkers, drugs, alcohol, and other themes that are similar to these. However, these are balanced out when mixed with typical high school themes such as athletics, academics, and popularity. By offering such intense themes mixed with relatable everyday scenarios, it allows viewers to really connect with the characters as well as empathize with them and the circumstances they are put in.

  One thing that sets One Tree Hill apart from other shows and makes it so special and enticing to watchers is the fact that the characters and their relationships are so interesting. The characters that you thought were different are put into such challenging positions that they sometimes blow the minds of those watching by doing something that is very out of character, whether it is good or bad. This leaves the audience with feelings that are strong.

  Not all is dramatic and dreary in the show, though. There are many couples in the show that fans swoon over.  Like, Lucas and Peyton. Or Lucas and Brooke. Or Nathan and Peyton. Or Nathan and Haley. Brooke and Mouth? Things get complicated, but in the end each fan has an OTP (one true pairing) that they grip to throughout the seasons, praying that they stick together.

  The show started in 2003 and ended in 2009, making its debut on Netflix in 2011. Because of the overwhelming amount of people that have watched the series, it has stayed one of the most-watched series on that is viewed on the popular television and movie streaming site. If you are looking for a show with the perfect balance of drama, romance, and twists, then One Tree Hill is a show that will not disappoint.

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