Fashion Friday: Christmas Outfits

By: Catie Deal, Editor-In-Chief

   With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start planning out ideas for cute and cozy outfits for whatever your Christmas may hold.  Whether you’re staying at home and having a low-key Christmas, traveling to see family, or having a fancy to-do, there’s an outfit that’s perfect.  Below are a few ideas to grab inspiration from. Happy Holidays and have an extra Christmas cookie for me!




A Steve Madden Printed Scarf

A plain top and jeans is perfect not just for a casual Christmas but also for traveling and can be dressed up.  Here, two fun prints are being mixed in the flats and scarf.  Don’t be afraid to mix prints and stand out!

  1.    Fancy and Festive: Red Lace Dress, Black Tights, Lace-Up Kitten Heel,  Statement Necklace

This maroon dress echoes fall perfectly and will easily transition into the winter season.  With classic black pairings, you’ll be feeling elegant and pulled together.


An H&M red lace dress


  1.    Somewhere In Between: Sweater Dress, Leggings, Pointy Flats

If your Christmas is neither super fancy or casual but somewhere in between, then this is for you.  A cute but comfy sweater dress is paired with leggings so that you have more movement than you would in tights.  Fun flats tie the outfit off.


A cozy sweater dress from Nordstrom


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