Today was a fairytale

T-Swift is getting her own DirecTV channel and it’s kind of ridiculous

By: Bryana Woodson

  It’s been a “thing” for a while now, TV channels playing music videos and tidbits of what it’s like to be in the spotlight 24/7. From MTV to the CMA channel, multiple networks have dabbled in endorsing the music industry, and it looks like the next on the list is non other than DirecTV.

  The company announced on Monday, Nov. 28 that Taylor Swift, one of the world’s biggest performers/music personalities, would have her own DirecTV Now channel starting within the “next couple of weeks.”

  Instead of Oprah-styled interviews or Ellen-like talk shows, the channel will feature multiple music videos as well as tour clips with Swift’s commentary on tour life and her career thus far.

  Swift started out her teens as a country artist, selling hundreds of albums before she switched over to the pop princess we know today. Fanatics everywhere are bound to be in hysterics over the news of T-Swizzle’s next success, but it’s kind of ridiculous if you think about it. While she’s stellar at entertaining an audience with her theatrical music videos and sparkly costumes, does she really need a whole channel for herself?

  MTV and CMA channels premiering videos and interviews is one thing, but a channel based solely off of one celebrity personality is too much. Other celebrities, such as actress Reese Witherspoon, are also receiving their own channels on DirecTV’s new streaming program that’s recently been launched. Guess we’ll have to see if it actually works out or if viewers get tired of the channels early on.

  Taylor Swift’s channel will be available to stream soon on DirecTV Now, and costs range from $35/month for 60 channels to $70/month for 120+ channels. All plans offer Swift’s channel as an option.



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