Stories to come from some senior…

Teaser for a new series to come
By: Justine Walton, Managing Editor


   We walk the same hallways each day, passing people we’ve spent twelve years at the same schools with.  We pass them, maybe even recognize them, but never really know who they are, or their story.  

   We all have a story we carry with us, whether anyone else knows it or not.  Experiences make us who we are.  Each day we change a little bit from the person we were yesterday, and the day before that.  We learn, witness, and form opinions about new things all the time.  And while the past does not define us, it certainly does affect to some extent our thoughts and actions, helping to shape us into who we are today.

   The idea behind the new series, “Stories from Some Senior”, is that a random senior is featured and gets to share their story.  It is completely anonymous, not only for the person sharing, but to contribute to the idea that you don’t know what someone has gone through or their past.  With the stories being anonymous, the focus of the story shifts from who is saying the story to what they’re saying.  

   When you read these stories, you won’t know if it is the story of someone you’ve never met, are sitting right next to, or passed by in the hallway a few minutes ago.  That’s the point.  Maybe by understanding the different stories we all carry in our hearts, we can start to have a better appreciation for all people who have experienced love, pain, stress, excitement, and all emotions in between.

*If you are a senior and would like to share your story, contact Justine Walton (


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