Gotta catch ’em all!

The Best places for Pokemon Go in the Richmond area
By: Gabriel Worthington, Staff Writer 

   Whether Mystic, Valor, or Instinct, these sites are amazing places to play the hottest app of the summer:Pokemon Go. The bonus? These sites are usually historical, beautiful, or both.

1. VMFA Sculpture Garden

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Address: 200 N Boulevard, Richmond

Cost: Free


The VMFA Sculpture Garden is not only beautiful, it’s filled with Pokestops. The Garden is a lovely place to hatch eggs and battle it out, as there’s also a gym nearby. Not only that, but there is WiFi, and museum entry is free, so if the temperature is unpleasant, you can walk around and see all the indoor beauty our world renown museum is known for.

2. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Address:1800 Lakeside Ave, Henrico

Cost: $13 for adults, members free


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Voted the fourth best public garden in America, Lewis Ginter is not only a local, but national gem. A lovely conservatory that is open all year round, Lewis Ginter is an excellent hang out spot, especially for aspiring Pokemon trainers. There are multiple gyms and countless Pokestops, so make sure to put Lewis Ginter on your list to check out!

3. Carytown

Carytown is Richmond’s best shopping center. From great food, to used books, to one of the most diverse candy stores around, Carytown has everything a person could need. It also has multiple Pokestops and gyms. Even though it’s free to walk around, since it’s really just a street with stores, you’ll want to bring money in case something catches your eye.  

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4. Beaverdam Creek Battlefield 

Address: 7423 Cold Harbor Road, Mechanicsville

Cost: Free

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Even though it has less Pokestops than many of the other locations on this list, it is by far the closest to home. Less than two miles away from Lee Davis, it’s smaller size is made up for by it’s proximity.

5. Hollywood Cemetery 

Address: 412 S Cherry St, Richmond

Cost: Free

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Hollywood cemetery is packed full of Pokemon, gyms, and Pokestops. It is only open from 8-6, but it has the graves of many historic people such as Jefferson Davis and James Monroe. This is a must go for anyone looking for more items or Pokemon.

6. VFW

Address: 7168 Flag Ln, Mechanicsville

Cost: Free

Also close to home, the VFW has one gym right next to it and three or four Pokestops within walking distance. Because all the Pokestops are outside, you can visit any time you’d like.

7. Cold Harbor Battlefield 

Address:5515 Anderson Wright Dr, Mechanicsville

Cost: Free

 Another battlefield close to home, Cold Harbor has an excellent hiking trail to rack up walking distance to hatch eggs.

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