Fashion Friday: Fall Trends #1

In this edition of Fashion Friday, Editor-in-Chief, Catie Deal, discusses the new Fall trend of embroidery.

Needlepoint is no longer something just for your grandma, it was a big trend on the runways and is all the rage this fall. It adds a touch of elegance and intricacy that is hard to


Photo: Vogue

find in our world of machine- produced clothes. It’s feminine and softens up a look making an outfit look extra special. Of course, you can get out your embroidery needles or have your grandma bust them out but stores are taking note of the trend making embroidery easily purchasable. It’s also super wearable with a variety of styles.

Gucci can be credited with starting the trend, followed by Valentino who added gorgeous embroidery to organza gowns. Anything can be embroidered: shoes, dresses, hats, and jeans. Use your imagination and dream up beautiful combos of intricately stitched outfits. See items below for embroidered clothing options.


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