Makeup Monday: LUSH-ious Lips!

Lush has new permanent products to make that smile shine!

By: Online Editor, Samantha Lett


   Lush is back, and not only in the seasonal swing of things. Alongside their beautifully fall and fabulous “Lush-O-Ween” collection, they have released some new, more permanent products that will make smiles shine.

  Lush has always been known for being rather “off the wall” with their unconventional way of doing things. Instead of the standard texture of toothpaste, Lush has always presented their customers with Toothy Tabs. These convenient little tabs allow the user to just chew one tablet up, wet their toothbrush, and brush their teeth! These tablets and mighty and filled with spectacular scents and tastes, as those are unconventional as well. Now onto their new toothpaste alternatives.

  Their brand new toothy tabs are Bling, Miles of Smiles, Limelight, Boom, and Oral Pleasure. They have also brought back their old flavors in new packaging, and all of the toothy tabs listed in this article are $9.95. Miles of Smiles is a white tab that has a traditional English mint taste and scent. Bling, Limelight, Boom, and Oral Pleasure are all more colorful, the first being gold dusted with hints of Brazilian orange; the second being a yellow-green and filled with a lemon-lime citrusy flavor; Boom being a charcoal color with real charcoal and a cola taste; and Oral Pleasure being sparkly and pink with a floral, fruity taste. All of these and more are available at

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  However, there’s a more expensive alternative to the Toothy Tabs; for the extra dollar cost, the Toothy Tabs are already ground up into Tooth Powder. Directions for the


Tooth Fairy Tooth Powder! Looks like Snow Fairy and Goth Fairy aren’t the only fairies in town. 

somewhat confusing product are as follows: Wet the toothbrush, dip it into the powder, and brush away! Their brand new flavor in this formula is Tooth Fairy, which is a sparkly strawberry powder. In the slideshow below, there are also the old flavors (which used to be Toothy Tabs but are now Tooth Powder).

  Next, onto the exterior. Lush has done it again with tubed lip tints and new balms. The new lip balms are Rose Lollipop (which has a rosy lemonade taste), Buttered Brazils (which has a chocolaty taste and a moisturizing formula), Key Lime Pie (tastes exactly like it sounds), and Passion Fruit (a wondrous mix of passion flower and vanilla). All of them retail for $9.95, and these are just the new flavors – there are many more on the website.

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  Lastly, there are two new lip tints (in fancy tubes now) to go along with the classic It Started With a Kiss.

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First, there’s Strawberry Bombshell which is a bright fuchsia with purple undertones, and also contains a subtly sweet strawberry taste and scent from the real fruit itself (after all, it is Lush)! It appears to have more of a matte formula, but for those Lushies who prefer a little shimmer in their lives, there’s Sunkissed – a gorgeous pinky nude, that moisturizes as it goes. Both new lip tints retail for $9.95 and can also be found on the Lush website. Happy Shopping!


Images courtesy of the following sites:
Header image from:, photo illustration/editing by online editor Samantha Lett



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