Lushoween is back!

This Halloween, it’s Treat or Treat thanks to Lush and their new seasonal products!

By: Samantha Lett, Online Editor

   With ghastly tricks and treats coming around the corner as October approaches, the anticipation for Halloween is out of control. With Target breaking down their school supply sections into Halloween costumes, every other department store in the country is following their lead. However, the specialty store, Lush, is doing it their own way (as they always do).

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Lush’s fan favorites that made a comeback.

   The store has released three new bath bombs and has also re-released their seasonal fan favorite one, Lord of Misrule (which has a shower cream of the same name paired with it). The new bath bombs, for the most part, have a sweet and earthy scent.

   First, there’s Pumpkin ($6.95). Shaped like a Jack-O-Lantern for the spooky season, Pumpkin smells of pumpkin spice and a bit of vanilla. However, there is a more colorful option for the Lushies who hold the dazzling colors to a high standard. Monsters’ Ball ($7.25) is just that – the website calling it a “colorful cyclops”, this is surely the cutest (and most colorful) bath bomb that Lush has temporarily added to its collection. Lastly, there’s Autumn Leaf ($6.95), which has a rather earthy smell and is shaped like the perfect leaf, ripe off of a tree.

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   And it looks like there is a new luxury bath melt who has come out to play! Meet Boo ($5.95), a ghastly little ghost shaped pyramid of pure goodness. And he smells good too,


BOO! Did this melt scare you?

with a citrusy scent that perfectly pairs with the secondary smell that the melt gives off, comparable to a florally fantastic bouquet! 

   For those who prefer their tricks and treats pre-wrapped, Lush has introduced two wrapped gifts: Little Monster ($16.95) and Pumpkin. Both include Sparkly Pumpkin and Boo, but Pumpkin ($35.95) also includes Lord of Misrule Shower Cream and the Pumpkin bath bomb.

   Another single item that has made its first cameo this season is Goth Fairy ($7.95). This shimmer studded iridescent purple is perfect for moisturization and a little sparkle. Snow


A sweetly sparkling fairy!

Fairy (the fan favorite Christmas scent) isn’t the only fairy in town this year! The Goth Fairy shimmer bar will have your skin soft and sparkly in just seconds after application – and she’s just impishly adorable too!

   A pair of soaps have also been introduced, and are sold by the pound (or whatever increment of one you’re willing to purchase) – they’re perfect for trick-or-treating! If kids want soaps that look beautiful and smell even better. Magic Wand ($6.95 for 3.5 ounces) is perfect for skin brightening, as it contains a perfect amount of pomegranate. It also has a sweet smell, and surprisingly contains charcoal to keep skin squeaky clean! However, there’s also Fireside ($8.95 for 3.5 ounces) for those who prefer to keep it spicy and feisty. This fiery, spicy clove and vanilla scented soap will make Lushies love to lather.

   And now that it’s time to wrap things up, Lush has also released some new knot wraps to wrap up treats and tricks of all sorts. There’s Eyeball, which features a bunch of bright eyes (or brightly colored, at least), and Calavera, which is full of sugar skulls just in time for Day of the Dead. Both knot wraps are going for $6.95. A third wrap, Moon Phases, is going for a little more ($8.95 to be exact), but has an outstanding inclusion of color, and with all the moon phases of 2017.

   With these seasonal goodies, it’s best to get them before they’re gone! They can be found at the USA Lush website ( or at any Lush – including the one in Short Pump! Get these spooky seasonals before they say Boo-bye!

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