The definitive ranking of “The Heir” suitors

A look into Eadlyn Schreave’s potential matches and all their qualities- good and bad.
By: Bryana Woodson, Entertainment editor

   A quick Synopsis:

   In the fantastical, futuristic world of Illea society is broken up into castes. The Ones are the very exclusive royal family while the Eights are the untouchables, the homeless. When Prince Maxon turns nineteen his Selection begins and he meets many potential brides, among them America Singer. The Selection is basically a dystopian cross between The Bachelor and The Hunger Games that tells the common tale of unlikely love with a twist of humor and diplomacy.

  1. Burke Renn: Jerk with anger problems. Punches Fox Wesley and, thankfully, gets eliminated.

“It was asparagus…he literally punched someone over a vegetable.” (The Heir, 2015)

heir 36.jpg

  1. Blakely Cork: eliminated quickly for misconduct. Absolutely not, ew!

“When we met, you couldn’t stop staring at my breasts…make sure you get an equally satisfactory look at my backside as you leave.” (The Heir, 2015)

heir 35

  1. Jack Ranger: admires a strong woman but goes WAY too far after he touches Eadlyn inappropriately against her will.

“I’d never seen Ahren throw a punch before. It was almost as shocking as Jack’s limp body after my brother’s fist forced his head to whip back at an awkward angle.” (The Heir, 2015)

heir 34

  1. Jamie Turning: during his FIRST meeting with Eadlyn, he asked her when they could get paid. Seriously dude?!

“I passed Nolan and announced to Jamie that his request for a payout was the most offensive way to introduce himself.” (The Heir, 2015)

heir 33

  1. Baden Trains: asked for permission to leave the selection after Eadlyn refused a date with him and later spilled all these lies to the press. You little rat!

“You were nice to me for all of an hour, then you disappear and it’s like nothing happened at all. I have the freedom to leave, and I’m ready to go.” (The Heir, 2015)

heir 32

  1. Ivan Plays: whines about Eadlyn not picking him for a date yet but is somehow still in the race. Ugh. Sense of humor, yes, but still…Ugh.

“And how are you managing at mealtimes?” Ivan held both hands in front of him as if this were very serious. “My current approach is using one fork for each bite and then making a pile of them in the middle of the table. It’s working so far.” (The Heir, 2015)

heir 31

  1. Issir Quiller: won’t go anywhere without his hair product. One of the first eleven eliminated.

“Issir… No. Thank you.” He blushed and fled as quickly as he could. (The Heir, 2015)

heir 30

  1. Leeland Alberts: intimidated by Eadlyn and known for crying after she eliminated eleven boys at once.

“I figured if you were having a bad day, you could take it to the garden and burn it. Get your aggression out on something that won’t cry. Unlike Leeland.” (The Heir, 2015)

heir 29

  1. Winslow Fields: whiny about not being included in a group date so he orchestrates another date with the other selected boys. A bit cocky, but goofy.

“Winslow was, I hated to say it, considerably unattractive.” (The Heir, 2015)

heir 28

  1. Paisley Fisher: first boy eliminated and was noticeably angry when he got kicked out. Ugh.

“The longer you stay, the more embarrassing it becomes. You should leave.” I pulled back, noting the marked anger in his eyes as he slowly left the room. (The Heir, 2015)

heir 27

  1. Linde Lockwood: Only talked about while in groups, therefore he’s not really important.

heir 26

  1. Alex Hardie: Eadlyn almost eliminated him after the mayor of his province told the press Eadlyn thought of the Selection as work.

“I was still considering it [sending him back to Calgary].” (The Heir, 2015)

heir 25

  1. Holden Messenger: admires a woman who knows what she wants but is sadly eliminated after the garden party.

“We moved slowly, and he seemed comfortable, like he’d walked with a princess dozens of times.” (The Heir, 2015)

How Eadlyn is feeling then:

heir 24

  1. Arizona Packer: movie star looks with more than just a pretty face. One of the first eleven to be eliminated for really no reason.

“I moved on, adding Arizona, Brady, Pauly, and Mackendrick to the ranks of the evicted.” (The Heir, 2015)

heir 23

  1. Jamal Piles: knows how to woo a girl, but is eliminated quickly.

I stopped in front of Jamal. “You can leave.” (The Heir, 2015)


heir 22

  1. Connor Shannon: has kind eyes and wants to make a good first impression, but Eadlyn isn’t impressed.

Next to him [Jamal], Connor was breaking out into a sweat again. “You can join him.” (The Heir, 2015)

heir 21

  1. Tavish Plowholder: Jokester; went on a date with Eadlyn walking around the garden. Has potential.

The photos of Tavish and me in the garden were positively beautiful. (The Heir, 2015)

heir 20

  1. Pauly Shelves: The boy who “loves long walks on the beach.” Beauty contestant much? Eliminated.

I moved on, adding Arizona, Brady, Pauly, and Mackendrick to the ranks of the evicted. (The Heir, 2015)

heir 19

  1. Mackendrick Shepard: “Rules the dance floor” apparently. Eh. He got eliminated anyway.

I moved on, adding Arizona, Brady, Pauly, and Mackendrick to the ranks of the evicted. (The Heir, 2015)

heir 18

  1. Kesley Timber: Easily forgettable, especially for Eadlyn. Eliminated after the garden party along with Holden.

heir 17

  1. Lodge Wheaton: He likes board games and during the variety show, he shot arrows at balloons filled with glitter.

Lodge and Calvin high-fived in the back. (The Heir, 2015)

heir 16

  1. Calvin Write: There’s not much to say about him. He likes high-fives? Literally. Nothing.

Lodge and Calvin high-fived in the back. (The Heir, 2015)

heir 15

  1. Fox Wesley: He’s nice to the other guys but fought back when Burke punched him. Maxon (Eadlyn’s father) wanted to send both boys home but Eadlyn defends Fox.

He took in a breath. “You are so beautiful.” (The Heir, 2015)

heir 14

  1. Nolan Carr: “Class clown” and one of the first eliminated because Eadlyn didn’t really care.

heir 13

  1. Ean Cabel: makes an arranged marriage-type of proposal to Eadlyn and while he’s coming from a good place, he’s dry and a bit offensive.

He was very handsome, the kind of person I thought people expected to see next to me. Every action of his was controlled, and I was determined to match him and not let myself be anxious. (The Heir, 2015)

heir 12

  1. Harrison Driver: Don’t really care about him but his dimples get him out of a lot of situations so he’s probably a huge charmer.

heir 11

  1. Brady Linker: very active but not really talked about before he was eliminated early on.

I moved on, adding Arizona, Brady, Pauly, and Mackendrick to the ranks of the evicted. (The Heir, 2015)

heir 10

  1. Gunner Croft: his heart will make you smile he’s so adorable. During the variety show, he recited a poem he wrote for Eadlyn.

“Our lovely Princess Eadlyn, it’s hard to rhyme your name. And though we really ticked you off, we love you all the same.” (The Heir, 2015)

heir 9

  1. Edwin Bishop: Easy going and adorable.

It wasn’t even still my turn, and it wasn’t like I’d won, but it felt huge. Suddenly, Edwin lifted me up off the ground and hugged me, swinging me around. (The Heir, 2015)

heir 8

  1. Apsel Berry-Denning: went on a morning date with Eadlyn where they played the piano together.

Apsel’s piano skills were so good I praised him endlessly. (The Heir, 2015)

Lacie Hansen

  1. Julian Henry: He’s cheeky and hilarious. During a televised game show he is asked the question, “Who is the best ally for Illea?”

Julian’s sign had several arrows drawn up to his face and had “ME” written in large letters. (The Heir, 2015)

Man with sign that says me

  1. Raoul SIlo: he had the “most checks” according to Eadlyn along with Hale and Ean. He also showed Eadlyn how to bat during the baseball game.

Hale laughed and so did Raoul, and while I typically would have felt embarrassed, this didn’t seem too bad. (The Heir, 2015)

heir 5

  1. Erik (Eikko): he’s actually not even in the Selection, he’s Henri’s translator, but he and Eadlyn are slightly adorable. Low key shipping it.

I realized I was hugging myself, both frightened and enraged. Erik gently placed a hand on my back and ushered me away. (The Heir, 2015)

heir 4

  1. Henri Jaakoppi: speaks only Finnish so he and Eadlyn have a language barrier, but he’s sweet, shy, and quiet.

I studied him. “Henri really wants it, doesn’t he?” Erik shook his head. “There is no ‘it.’ He wants you.” (The Heir, 2015)

heir 3

  1. Hale Garner: He’s confident and a bit cocky, but Eadlyn gives it right back. During the parade, he covers Eadlyn when angry protesters start throwing rotten food at her. Protective AND hilarious ranks him high.

“I hope to prove myself worthy of your hand more and more every day.” (The Heir, 2015)

heir 2


  1. Kile Woodwork: There are not enough words to describe how perfect this boy is! He and Eadlyn grew up in the palace together with a sibling agitation/tolerant relationship until a mystery person puts his name in. Totally ship this! Although not everyone does…


Why did Kile- for goodness’ sake, Kile! – keep popping into my mind? (The Heir, 2015)

  heir 1aheir 1


If you’re a fan of The Selection series, stay tuned for the next issue of The Southerner, with a (nearly) spoil-free review of the newest book in the series, The Crown.


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