Welcome to the jungle

The new Jungle Book movie reaches theaters
By: Justine Walton, Managing Editor

  Disney has once again successfully brought a classic movie back to life on the big screens.  This time, it was The Jungle Book.  After this movie hit theaters on April 15, and the magic has not gone unnoticed.  The movie seamlessly incorporates iconic scenes from the original Disney cartoon and new and exciting aspects to create this film.

  To start off, the special effects and the animation is amazing.  Not only are the images incredible to watch on the big screen, but the sound effects add so much to the overall experience.  


The movie cover for the much anticipated reboot of a Disney classic: The Jungle Book

 The movie immediately transports you to a jungle filled with vegetation and exciting adventures with animals thriving in the wild.  Starting off with an intense chase through the jungle, The Jungle Book keeps viewers on the edge of their seats.  

  The movie did a great job with incorporating the catchy classic Disney tunes, without overdoing it.  It brought back childhood memories without showering viewers with cheesy scenes of random singing and dancing.  

  Even with Baloo providing comedic relief, the movie had many intense scenes.  Especially with King Luis and his obsession with “man’s red flower”, aka fire.

  The movie didn’t follow the exact same format that the Disney classic did.  An abundance of plot twists and turns and a surprise ending makes for a great movie to add to your “Must See” list.  


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