10 Symptoms of being a professional binge-watcher

By: David Stanley, Staff Writer

1. You find yourself watching Netflix at 3 A.M.

You’re watching another episode and realize it’s 3 A.M. and you need to be awake in four hours.

2. You’re at the gym and you find yourself watching TV while on the treadmill.

What’s worse: falling on the treadmill or everyone watching you fall on the treadmill?

3. The first thing you do when you get home from school/work is watch Netflix.

The best post-school relief is laying in bed and doing nothing.

4. Your thoughts after every episode are something like: “Why stop watching now? What’s one more episode going to do to you?”

The next show is literally right there! Why wouldn’t you watch it?

5. You literally sob when you finally finish a show.

You feel so personally connected to the characters. Like, they just can’t leave you like that, can they?

6. Your “to-watch” list is literally bigger than your future.

So many shows to binge, not enough time!

7. You’re prone to seeing the “Are you still watching?” notification.

This notification shows you that Netflix is low key judging you for watching 10 episodes of Parks and Rec in one sitting.

8. You create personal relationships with the characters on a show.

After all, you’ve been with them since episode one. Every little thing that happens in their lives happens in yours, too.

9. You find yourself asking “Why have friends when I have Netflix?”

You don’t have to disappoint anyone other than yourself. Like that time you read ahead on the Netflix episode descriptions and essentially spoiled the show…

10. Weekends, Snow Days, and Breaks are your FAVORITE things!

You literally won’t do anything except breathe, watch Netflix, and eat; and you’re totally okay with that.


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