Good music for your HeavyDirtySoul

A review of the most recent twenty one pilots album, Blurryface
By: Crystian Currin, Staff Writer

  Debuting their fourth studio album, Twenty One Pilots released Blurryface on May 17, 2015. The American duo from Ohio was suppose to release the album on May 17, 2015, but released it as a surprise two days early on ITunes. The record features fourteen tracks, each with a distinctly unique sound. Blurryface was named after a character the band created called Blurryface. According to Tyler Joseph, he “represents all the things that I as in individual, but also everyone around, am insecure about.”


twenty one pilots blurry face

The album cover for the band’s fourth album, Blurryface

 The first track featured on the album is “HeavyDirtySoul”. It begins slowly, whirring deeply and drumming quickly until it pauses for a moment and Tyler begins rapping extremely fast, putting out 76 words in 15 seconds. The first verse is impressive, and so is the rest of the song which contains a mix of fast rapping, passionate questions, and sensational choruses. “Stressed Out”, the second track and actual first single, follows a similar format while slowing things down just enough to allow for those depressed by the unwavering forward motion of time a nice mid-tempo track to sulk to the next time they feel like an outcast in their hometown.

  When the reggae-themed “Ride” begins you can feel the album go off course.The song is structurally sound, with interesting instrumentation and perfectly fine lyrics, but it’s also unquestionably different than everything we’ve heard up to this point on the album. “Fairly Local,” for example, follows the laid-back vibes of “Ride” with a cutting edge sound that lacks the emotional punch it’s over-accented lyrics wish to deliver. “Doubt” encounters a similar problem, as its synth-heavy production follows two stripped-down tracks with little to no transition between the two.

  Whether the album lacks flow or not, it makes up for it with desirable lyrics and catchy singles. No matter how overplayed some of their singles are, radio listeners and others alike sing along no matter what. Twenty One Pilots also hinted to the Skeleton Clique that new things are happening in the studio and that they are going on another tour called “EMØTIØNALRØADSHØW”.

To find out more about the band, visit their website here.


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