Ooh baby baby!

L-D history teacher adds another little bundle to her family
By: Bryana Woodson, Entertainment editor

   Last week one of L-D students’ favorite teachers added a new addition to her family. Erin Cobb, who teaches AP U.S. History and VA U.S. History, announced to her classes earlier this year that she was pregnant with her third child. Her two sons, Ashton and Brown, were both very excited to have another sibling added to the mix.

   Over the past several months, she’s been working diligently with her students to prepare them for their end of the year exams and AP tests as well as preparing them for their long-term substitute, Mr. McDonell, to come in once she gave birth.

   Mr. McDonell was a long-standing history teacher at Lee-Davis before retiring last year and is, in Mrs. Cobb’s opinion, “one of the best for the job.” He stepped in last Tuesday morning (4/12/16).

   The latest news on Mrs. Cobb and her family was delivered by Mr. McDonnell to her classes last Tuesday; news that she and her first baby girl, Caroline, are doing very well. No news yet on whether Cobb will be back to see her students before the end of this school year but popular opinion is that she will wait to return next school year since there are only two months left to go before summer.


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