8 Reasons why Moe’s is better than Chipotle

By: Claire Guertler, Staff Writer

1. Moe’s has queso!

queso moes
And they have different types of it now! Try to one-up that, Chipotle.

2. Chipotle’s meat is dry

dry meat chipotle
Moe’s on the other hand…

3. It smells weird in Chipotle

4. Chipotle’s salsa is just chopped up tomatoes

chipotle's salsa.jpg
How is this considered salsa?

5. They don’t greet you when you walk into Chipotle

welcome to moes

6. The workers at Moes are much nicer

7. Moes’ drink machine is much more high tech

coca cola freestyle.jpg
Want to put Sprite in your water cup? Now you can probably get away with it easier and try out a different flavor of Sprite.

8. Chipotle doesn’t give you as many chips

corn chips.jpg
Life is like a bag from Moe’s – you never know how many chips you’re going to get!


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