Once Upon a Time…

A new season for the show that has fans wanting more and more every Sunday.
By: Justine Walton, Managing Editor

Every good story has a hero.  And every hero needs a villain.  But sometimes heroes do villainous things.  And sometimes villains have a heart.  The thing is, heroes and villains are not as black and white as the fairy tales you grew up on lead you to believe.  In fact, there is a whole lot of grey in this world.  But if you still love those classic stories, the show, Once Upon A Time, is one you will soon fall in love with.

Once Upon A Time is not your average fairy tale.  In fact, it’s a mixture of many fairy tales.  The show seamlessly connects all of these stories and intertwines them with one another.  The biggest difference though, is the perception of heroes and villains.  Sometimes you feel sympathetic to these villains, and the heroes don’t always make the best choices.  Just because one starts out as a villain, doesn’t mean they will always be that way.  

The continuation to season 5 began on March 6.  The shocking winter finale made the wait almost unbearable.  But now, every Sunday on ABC, the hit show continues to bring new revelations and twists at every corner.  

ouat another pic!

One of the many advertisements for Once Upon A Time. Catch the hit fantasy shows Sundays on ABC. 

The characters that audience members have grown to know and love are now trapped in the Underworld on a mission to rescue Captain Hook.  But some people, *cough cough Hates cough cough* are preventing the trip from being smooth sailing.  And as stakes get higher, tensions get tighter, and the wait from one episode to the next seems to get longer.  

Captain Hook, the handsome pirate he is, receives much love from fans who would probably cry many tears if he were to die.  And as Emma and the others try their hardest to free him, Hades seems determined to kill them all.

This season has really just begun, and things are about to get heated down in the underworld.  Watching all of this play out is surely something you don’t want to miss.


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