Binge-worthy: Nurse Jackie

Another show to put on your to-watch list.
By: David Stanley, Staff Writer

  Netflix uploaded a new medical show from the channel Showtime called Nurse Jackie back in June of 2015 and it is brilliant. The show highlights the head nurse, Jackie Payton, at All-Saints Hospital in upper Queens, New York.

  The main character, Jackie, has a secret drug addiction and a secret pharmacist lover at the hospital. Of course, she his hiding all of this from her husband, Kevin, and her two daughters, Grace and Fiona. Jackie is practically a superhero; by day she is a mom packing lunches for her kids and helping her husband pay for his bar. By night, she is a cheating nurse who does drugs every two hours.

  The character that keeps the show running is Zoey Barkow. When the show started out, she was a nursing intern who worshipped the ground Jackie walked on. The audience always knew Zoey’s emotions based on the type of scrubs she was wearing: Bunnies equal happy, Monkeys equal energetic, and plain grey equal sad or tired.  

  Thor is a big fluffy teddy bear who was hired just to keep the patients in line, but he has a heartbreaking backstory. He was an abused child whose eye was injured [wasn’t mentioned how, though] and has a glass eye. Thor and Jackie have a love-hate relationship. Whenever Jackie and him aren’t on good terms, everyone knows it. But when together, they are the best of friends.

  The two main trauma doctors that play an important role in the show are Dr. Fitz “Coop” Cooper and Dr. Eleanor O’Hara. Coop is practically just like Thor, which is why him and Thor are best friends. O’Hara and Jackie really click because they’re both standoff-ish and don’t really care for emotions.

  The show is definitely one that should be added on a Netflix list, because it is constantly keeping the audience on their toes and they can’t get enough of it. The show makes the watcher personally relate with Jackie, or any other character on the show, because at the end of the day, they are just normal people.


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