Lush for every bunny!

An overview of Lush’s new limited edition products – all for Easter.
By: Samantha Lett, Online Editor

  Easter baskets are very commonly associated with hollow chocolate bunnies, Reese’s eggs, and colorful egg dyeing. However, Lush has decided to release even more limited edition products. Now, instead of sweet treats and colorful eggs, there are sweet smelling baths and colorful water to take a dip in.


bouncy bunny lush easter

Bouncy Bunny shower jelly

The vegetarian company has released an array of products for Easter this year. From reusable bubble bars to normal ones, from normal bath bombs to egg-shaped bath bombs with another bath bomb placed inside, all the way to soaps and shower jellies.


One of the bath bombs, Humpty Dumpty, has a description on the website that says “give

humpty dumpty lush

Humpty Dumpty Bath Bomb

Humpty a great WHACK!” implying that once the bath bomb is broken, you can get another bath bomb inside. This gives the consumer three uses. One for each half of the egg, and another for the small bath bomb tucked away inside.


There’s another bath product just like Humpty Dumpty called Which Came First? which also has up to three uses by breaking the bath bomb and revealing another one inside. Or, for those who take longer baths and wish to soak in the beautiful colors, they can just drop the whole bath bomb in.

which came first lush easter

Which Came First Bath Bomb



The company even released a new item called a bath bomb melt. It’s a mixture between a bath bomb and a bath melt, and leaves bathwater soft and silky whilst being colorful all at the same time. The bath bomb melt released for the Easter season is a beautiful golden egg.

For Lushies who already know they want to buy all of the limited edition items, gift boxes are – of course – for sale including a bath bomb that is only available in the gifts, called Spring Bunny.


spring bunny lush easter

Spring Bunny exclusive bath bomb

In least to most expensive, the gift sets are:


“Rainbow” — including Somewhere Over the Rainbow limited edition soap and a Brightside bubble bar.

“Carrot” — including Bunch of Carrots limited edition reusable bubble bar, Bouncy Bunny limited edition shower jelly, and limited edition bath bombs Spring Bunny and Fluffy Egg.

“Funky Bunny” — including a Fluffy Egg bath bomb, Bunch of Carrots reusable bubble bar, The Comforter shower cream, and Pink and Purple Fun (which is a moldable soap/shampoo/bubble bath combo item, for younger lushies), all tied up in a cute bunny knot wrap.

“Bouncy Bunny” — including Green and Orange Fun, a Spring Bunny bath bomb, Brightside bubble bar, Golden Egg bath bomb melt and Bouncy Bunny shower jelly.


good egg lush easter

“Good Egg” gift set 

“Good Egg” — including a Spring Bunny bath bomb, The Comforter bubble bar, Humpty Dumpty bath bomb, Fluffy Egg bath bomb, Golden Egg bath bomb melt, a Blackberry bath bomb, and a Brightside bubble bar.


With all the gifts and goodies Lush has released, there’s something good for every bunny. Hop on over to Lush anytime before Easter to put some of their eggs in your basket.


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