Ten reasons why Narnia needs its own theme park

Harry Potter, the soon-to-be Hunger Games attraction, why doesn’t Narnia have the same?
By: Bryana Woodson, Entertainment Editor

1. We get the chance to walk through the wardrobe.

Just think about it! People can tour the house where the Pevensie children stayed in The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (TLTWATW). Then, at the very end, enter the park through the wardrobe.

2. Tea with Mr. Tumnus and the Beavers.

Peter (holding out his hand): “Come on, boy. Come on.”
Beaver: “I ain’t gonna smell it, if that’s what you want.”

3. The park could have an exhibition house with costumes and props from all the movies – and facts about the books by C.S. Lewis!

Everyone wanted the Pevensie children’s outfits! Especially Lucy’s fighting gear in Voyage of the Dawn Treader.

4. A Sweets Shop

It could have every Narnian treat from Turkish Delight to a chance to feast with Lilliandel and the Seven Lords of Narnia!

5. Meet and Greets with Aslan!

Because who didn’t want to meet Aslan as a kid? Or meet Liam Neeson and just have him recite some of the lines…

6. Themed rides like Escape from the White Witch and Eustace & Reepicheep Save the Day.

7. Foam sword duels with a Telmarine soldier.

Imagine a fight where (if you’ve read the books or watched the movies) you know you can’t lose with Aslan on your side!

8. Bow and arrow practice with Susan.

While everyone does love Katniss, she wasn’t the first archeress in a popular film based off of great books!

9. Because of this handsome face.

Ben Barnes/Caspian X… any Narnia fan’s childhood crush, everyone.

10. It’d probably be less traumatic than going into the Hunger Games.

Because it’s probably best that there aren’t 24 people simultaneously trying to kill each other in a theme park.




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