ANTI: Album Review

A look at Rihanna’s newest album.
By: David Stanley, Staff Writer

  Rihanna is back at it again and she is not playing around with her new album, ANTI. ANTI is the typical album that she produces, with slow beats but still get the songs stuck in your head. Rihanna hasn’t released an album since Unapologetic in 2012, but she did release a single called B**** Better Have my Money back in the beginning of 2015.

   Consideration is the first track on the album and it is very catchy, the song has light drums in the background and it is pretty recognizable when it comes on. The song is somewhat slow but the listener still can keep up with the words without getting bored.

  One of the most well known songs on her album is Work, this song has already made its way on pretty much all of the Top 40 radio stations, and it deserves it. The song features the Rihanna’s doppelganger, Drake, whenever they are together, they always know how to make a song sound good. The song was obviously meant to be played in clubs, as soon as the song comes everyone just wants to dance.

  The longest song on the album, Same Ol’ Mistakes comes in at around six minutes. The song is a song that can be played when falling asleep. It features low bass and Rihanna’s soft high voice playing in the background. The song takes the listener on a journey into her life and her songwriting process.

  Another one of her songs that is slow but good to listen to is Love on the Brain, the song has a beat that repeats over and over, and Rihanna’s voice typical singing voice. The unique thing on this song is how her voice fluctuates from high and low throughout the progression of the song.

  Desperado kind of sounds like a song that Kanye West would produce, but Rihanna manages to somewhat pull it off. The song has many positive aspects like the catchy beat, but there are a couple of annoying things on it, the song gets annoying to listen to after a while and it gets kind of weird at the end of it, but nonetheless, it’s a quality song.

tidal logo

The logo for Tidal, the $19.99/month streaming service promoted by celebrities themselves. 

  Rihanna joined Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Kanye West in their Tidal Movement. Tidal is basically like Spotify or Apple Music but they charge a whole lot more. While Spotify and Apple Music are $10 a month, a Tidal subscription is $19.99 a month. While other music platforms have an array of artists, Tidal features only the artists that solely join the ‘Tidal Movement.’

  “I think that Tidal is a rip off, because I have Spotify and it is so much better and easier to use than Tidal,” junior Ella Alvis said.

  For an album that took four years to produce, it is a pretty quality album. Although some of the songs are super short, like Goodnight Gotham coming in at around a minute, the songs are still quality and are in typical Rihanna fashion.


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