Mr. L-D Highlights

Moments that stole the show last Friday, on the L-D stage
By: Justine Walton, Managing Editor

   In case you missed out on a night of laughter and immense entertainment provided by the Mr. L-D contestants, here are a few highlights from the eventful and unforgettable Mr. L-D contest.

   To kick things off, all 14 contestants performed their opening dance, choreographed by guidance counselor Allie Smith.  As the gentlemen showed off their moves, the audience could not contain their laughter.  The dance consisted of a mash-up of many different songs, including the hit ‘Hello’ by Adele.  Hitting the whip and twirling around like aspiring ballerinas were just a few of the moves performed on stage.


baker talent portion

Jacob Baker, Mr. L-D himself, during the talent portion of the evening.

 After formally introducing each contestant on the stage with their escorts, the show quickly moved on to the next portion of the night.  Each contestant performed a “talent”.  The talents were extremely entertaining.  Some of the most memorable talents include a reenactment of the scene from Dirty Dancing, a skit inspired by “Full House”, Let It Go – Live!, a chinese dance break, and a Lip Sync Battle (Part II).  While many more great talents were performed on stage, these four definitely raised the bar for future Mr. L-D contestants.

    After this talent portion, contestants were narrowed down to eight.  These eight took part in the celebrity look-alike portion.  The celebrity look-alikes were scary similar and

mann talent portion

Mr. L-D contestant Colin Mann and Maggie Morgan performing a dance from Dirty Dancing.

ridiculously funny.  Senior Jacob Baker put on his glasses and green pants as Peter Griffin from Family Guy, senior Patrick Brooks put on his best Elvis attire, senior Zane Durbin admitted to having a “blank space” as he rocked a Taylor Swift wig, senior Austin Morgan went on stage as Mrs. Cobb (complete with two kids and a baby bump), senior Ody Qualk jumped around and sang as George Michael, senior Collin Mann ended his Zoolander impression with the ultimate duckface, junior Omeed Quarterman did his best Austin Powers impression, and senior Jacob Johnson rolled around on a hoverboard as he wowed the crowed with his R2D2 look-alike.

  Down to the top 5, Morgan, Brooks, Qualk, Mann, and Baker answered a random interview question.  Based on all of the combined scores, the top three remaining were Morgan, Qualk, and Baker.  They individually pleaded with the judges, giving a statement on why they thought they deserved to be the next Mr. L-D.

  Finally, the winner was announced.  After months of hard work, and a long night of intense competition, Baker took home the crown as the new Mr. L-D for 2016.  First runner up was Qualk, leaving Morgan as third runner up.  If you want to see more, check out the live streaming of the show by MassComm at .


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