Got a crush on LUSH?

LUSH releases their Valentines Day goodies this Friday

By: Samantha Lett, Online Editor 

  Roses, reds, pinks, and hearts are all common things that people associate with Valentine’s Day. So, of course, LUSH would too! And they’re more excited for Valentine’s Day than ever, with them releasing their haul of loveable limited edition products a month before the romantic February day.


lush bubble bar

Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar (limited edition for Valentine’s Day)

   Bubble bars, lip products, and massage bars, among other products, will be released in stores today, Friday, January 15th. They all have an undoubtedly sweet smell, with a new flowery massage bar, and a rosy soap. Other products include neroli oil, vanilla, and pomegranate juice.

  Shower creams, something that the dedicated company released in late 2015, are also showing up in the lovely haul of pink and red products. Prince Charming, a new shower cream infused with a vanilla pod infusion, pomegranate juice, and organic cocoa butter, will soften skin and make you smell sweet. The same can be said for your lips, if you use their new lip scrub The Kiss. Not to be mistaken with their new limited edition lip gloss of the same name!

  Flowery scents, much like love, will be in the air in January through February because people will undoubtedly be using LUSH’s new soap, Roses All The Way, which is a red bar of soap shaped like a heart, with a very crafty rosy detailing. The scent is more of a soft one, unlike some of the company’s stronger scents.


lush gift set labeled for reuse

Love and Kisses gift set, with the wrapped box and the items it comes with.

For those who want to be surprised, there are also wrapped gift sets that retail from $26.95 to $54.95 and feature some of the limited edition products. For a variety of sweet-smelling products, there’s Secret Crush ($39.95), which comes with some limited edition products and regular items alike to treat yourself from head to toe.

  And for collectors of all things LUSH and limited edition, there’s their most expensive gift box, Love and Kisses ($54.95), which features all of their limited edition products (excluding knot wraps).

  Excited about getting a jump start on the flowery scents of Valentine’s Day? Head down to LUSH today to fall in love with such sweet scents.


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