What’s the (Pen)point?

A feature on one of the lesser known clubs

By: Samantha Lett, Online Editor

   Clubs allow creativity to flow, and let people do what they like with peers at school. They allow people to meet new friends with similar interests, and they can affect lives in enriching ways. One club that certainly lets creativity flow and makes a product every year is Penpoint.

   Penpoint is not only the name of the club itself, but it’s also the name of the literary magazine that the club produces, which is handed out with yearbooks at the end of the year. It is entirely student made, with ideas coming from the students themselves, and the graphic design as well. They take art and writing submissions, letting any student get the chance to have their work published.

   Art can be in any form. If it’s not a photograph or a drawing that students can easily scan digitally into the book (such as a sculpture), a photograph can be taken of the piece, and still be submitted for review and the chance to appear in Penpoint.

   Writing can also be in any form. Last year, Penpoint’s Everywhere took seven word stories, short stories, and poetry. Students can submit virtually anything, so long as it is appropriate, and the students in Penpoint will review and determine if the piece fits the theme, and will also get in touch with the author, if possible, to make any changes (such as errors, etc.). Students that are part of the club can also submit their works to be published.

   Penpoint is still allowing students to join, and meets in W5 once a month, on a Monday. If interested, their Remind101 is @Penpoint. When inquiring about joining or submissions, interested students can get in touch with advisers Rebecca Lovato or Katie Santmyer, or Editor-In-Chiefs Hailey Carter and Samantha Lett.


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