Scrambling for Schedules


Hanover County Public Schools makes a decision on the schedule for next year

By: Justine Walton, Managing Editor

   Anxiously awaiting a break from school and relaxation, students countdown the days to winter and spring break each year. During the winter holidays, Hanover County Public Schools goes on a break for two weeks. Almost every student and teacher looks forward to this nice time away from school to spend with family and friends. It comes just before the end of the first semester, and by that time, a break is most desperately needed. Then later in the spring, students receive another week off connected with the Easter holiday. After this last big break, students and teachers brace themselves for the never-ending stretch towards summer vacation. Next year, however, the school calendar may be look different than what people are expecting.

  This year, Hanover County faces two calendar options for the upcoming school year.  The main reason for this being that in the school year of 2016-2017, Easter falls late in the calendar, which would make spring break very late in the year.  The 2016-2017 Calendar Committee has created two draft-options for the next school year which would affect the way the breaks were split up.


New year calendar schedule

A colorful 2016 calendar.

 The first option is the normal scheduling.  This “traditional” calendar has two weeks of Winter break, and one week of spring break.  Spring break would be late in the year and very close to SOLs.  It would also mean an extra long time between winter and spring break.

  The second option is a never-before-seen scheduling option.  This would mean a shortened winter break, and one week of spring break in March that would not be connected to Easter.  Then students would get a four day weekend during Easter.  

  In the end, both scheduling choices have the same amount of days off from school, it’s just a matter of where they fall during the year.  The second option does not have as much of a stretch between winter and spring break, however the winter break would have to be shortened.  

  Employees received an opportunity to share their own opinions about the scheduling and give the school board some feedback.  The schedule was eventually decide to be the “normal” schedule next year.


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