Making their way to Manchester

 The LDHS Dance Team prepares for their first competition of the season
By: Hailey Clevenger, Feature Editor

   Leaping their way into the competition, the Lee-Davis Dance Team hopes to come home with a victory after their competition at Manchester High School on November 7th. The team will be dancing a jazz routine choreographed by their coach Sarah Wicker and a hip hop piece choreographed by their sponsor Allie Smith.

  “I’m most excited for the other teams to see our dances and know what we are all about,” Senior Janie Simpson said.


Junior Taylor Farber, senior Janie Simpson, junior Justine Walton, and sophomore Shannon Hardy get ready before their performance at a pep rally.

  This summer the dance team went to the Universal Dance Association (UDA) camp at the University of Virginia where they learned new skills that they hadn’t been exposed to before. They learned all different style dances along with sideline routines and they practiced drill downs. Drill downs are different commands that the team has to perform and when you mess up then you have to sit out. The last people standing were awarded a yellow ribbon. On the last day of camp they also performed the three routines they learned and got evaluated. Four members of the team; Julia Bruski, Hailey Clevenger, Sydney Heckman, and Ashton Clevenger were awarded All-Americans.

  “The UDA camp helped us a lot; it not only helped us become closer as a team but we got to work a lot on technique and new routines to jump start our season which meant we didn’t have to stress as much about learning a new dance every week for the home football games,” Junior Sydney Heckman said.

  This will be the first competition of the season for the dance team but they will be competing in two more. One in January and they will be co-hosting one with Deep Run High School that will be held at Lee-Davis called RVA Dance Invitational.


Senior Janie Simpson and sophomore Julia Bruski show off their facials in the midst of their performance.

  “I think we will do a lot better this year at our competition because we have all grown as dancers so much and we’ve become such a close-knit team,” Simpson said.

   For the past two years the dance team has placed third in two of their pieces they competed. Two years ago they got third in jazz and last year they placed third in pom.

  “I think that our jazz piece is stronger because we are incorporating people’s strengths to showcase different elements of difficulty which will help us compete against the other established teams,” Junior Ashton Clevenger said.

  The dance team hopes to have a lot of support from their school and classmates to cheer them on at their first competition of the season.


One thought on “Making their way to Manchester

  1. We look forward to seeing you girls there! (Also, LOVE the coverage on dance team!) – Cara Cubbage, Manchester High School Lancer Dancer Coach

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