Out with the old, in with the new

After farewells to some bestsellers, Lush has released their new products

By: Samantha Lett, Online Editor

Lush, a company who uses all natural ingredients (such as fruits) to make luxury bath items such as shower gels, shampoos, and conditioners, has finally released their new products. But these common items are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this company’s innovative products and eco-friendly policies.

   Bath bombs are a ball made up of different ingredients that you drop into the bath as you’re about to take one. Most of them will color the bath, but some of them just make the water softer in addition to giving off a pleasant scent. Some of them even “pop” or get frothy. Listed below are a few of the new bath bombs that Lush is releasing sometime in the fall or winter.

   First, there’s Intergalactic, which colors the water a deep blue (with a mix of yellow and pink). Then, there’s a bath bomb named after the famous Disney/Pixar movie, Frozen, which smells of grapefruit and neroli. Third, there’s The Experimenter, which makes the water become multicolored, smell like vanilla, and the product itself pop.

A clip from LUSH’s video introducing the Experimenter bath bomb.

   Now, onto bubble bars, a product that is held under the faucet of the bathtub to create invigorating scents and soft bubbles. The three new bubble bars are Big Bang, which is lemon myrtle scented; Pink Flamingo, which is reusable and smells of rosewood; and lastly, there’s Milky Bath, which is made with fairly-traded cocoa butter for extra softness.

   For users who like face masks, Lush has released three new fresh face masks that are sure to smell good. There’s Rosy Cheeks, which is a light pink color and made with real rose petals; Cup O’ Coffee, which is made with real coffee and said to wake users up; and Don’t Look At Me, which is an invigorating lemon scented face mask that’s bright blue.

   Finally there are Shower Jellies, a shower gel that is the consistency of jello. They can double as a shampoo and body wash, and Lush is debuting three new scents. There’s 93,000 Miles, which is a lively cinnamon scent; Needles and Pines, which is as earthy as the title; and Refresher, which is a citrusy, lemony scent.

LUSH’s limited edition Halloween bubble bar “Sparkly Pumpkin”.

Lush also just came out with their halloween related products, including a bubble bar that’s called “Sparkly Pumpkin”, a bath bomb that’s called “Lord of Misrule” (and a matching shower gel), and a new bat-shaped shower jelly called “Nightwing”. All the perfect products to celebrate Lush’s #Lushoween!

   To view all of Lush’s new products, you can visit their website here

Disclaimer: Some products cannot be ordered online, but will be available in stores soon. Some of the products, such as bath bombs and bubble bars, are not on the U.S. Lush website yet, but are featured in their most recent catalog Fresh Thinking.


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