And the winner goes to…

The second annual Mr. LD contest was held on April 29 in the auditorium, hosted by last year’s winner, senior Carter Mooney. The theme for this year was Candy Land. The spotlight hit the contestants as they walked out on to the stage. They did a dance to Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me” for their opening performance and after that they were introduced.

“We had four different practices; the first practice was an introduction for Mr. LD, the second was learning the dance, the third was practicing the dance, and the final practice was dress rehearsal,” senior Jace Garthright said.

The contestants included: seniors Chase Talley, Garthright, Randy Linkins, Austin Diehr, Junior Ordaz; sophomore Tyler Jones; and freshman Omeed Quarterman.

“I wanted to be a part of Mr. LD because it looked like a great way to make people laugh and I’m all about the joy of others. I feel like everyone was kind of nervous. I was a little, just because it was something I have never done before,” Garthright said.

There were a lot of things that needed to be done in order to prepare for the big night.

“I just thought about my moves and some funny things I could say that I knew the audience would enjoy,” Garthright said.

Senior Jace Garthright wins the title of Mr. LD

Senior Jace Garthright wins the title of Mr. LD

Throughout the night, the contestants participated in a questionnaire and the famous catwalk with their choice of teacher escorts.

“I chose Ms. Casey as my teacher escort because she is one of my favorite teachers. I had her last year for pre-calculus,” Garthright said.

As the catwalk finished, the audience were told that there would be a scream off to determine the winner. The audience screamed for the contestant that they wanted to win. After everyone finished screaming they waited in silence to hear the winner. And the winner was senior Jace Garthright.

“Once they said my name, I couldn’t stop smiling because it felt great to be cheered on by all of my classmates,” Garthright said.

The winner of Mr. LD is most likely to return the following year to host the next Mr. LD contest, but it is not set in stone considering that the winner this year was a senior. Jace will be more than happy to host it next year if asked, due to him going to VCU next year.

“My advice for future contestants is, first, be yourself. It may sound cliché or generic, but it’s the truth. Second, get the crowd on your side. Make them laugh and have a great time. And lastly, you have just got to work it on the stage,” Garthright said.


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